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Mists Oils & Diffusers

Our best product as you know are the mists and diffusers. These electrical machines ionize and purify the air of your work, home, office, shop, etc in addition to perfuming places with aromas very careful and for all tastes. We have fresh, floral, spicy, energizing, relaxing aromas ... a fragrance suitable for every moment. Our products follow the market trends and current fashions in customers, with the commitment to Aromatherapy our greatest value.

Parfume Mist Oils 10ml

hese 10ml mists are strictly natural. They are ideal for perfuming spaces with your usual mists. Although it's 10 ml , these oils are very concentrated, so it is necessary to pour less drops into your mist diffusers. These small mists are normally bought by customers to try new smells, before making the leap to buy large 50 ml. These mists are available throughout the Ambients collection with more than 60 different fragrances.

Essential Oils 10ml

These mists come directly from plant extracts and natural leaves. These oils have many therapeutic benefits and work very well in our diffusers, purifying and regenerating the air in your home. This line is composed of more than 20 essential oils, from spicy, floral, invigorating such as Mint or relaxing like Lavender or Bergamot.

If you want to place and order on our website and you still do not have your wholesale key, do noy hyesitate and ask for it at info@bolesdolor.co.uk or call 07432023381 and we will provide it to you inmmediately.

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