These handy devices can be placed nearly anywhere and the most advanced are powered by rechargeable batteries; an excellent advantage if you happen to be travelling. Let's take a quick look at the technology behind the average mist diffuser in order to better appreciate the benefits that it will provide. 

How do Diffusers Work? 

Most mist diffusers rely upon ultrasonic technology to function. This essentially employs a series of high-frequency sound waves (much higher than are able to be heard by humans). The real magic begins when these waves hit the surface of the liquid contained within the diffuser. Such intense vibrations serve to break down the molecules of essential oil. These small particles will then drift up (with the help of a small built-in fan ) and out of the unit.

This mist carries the particles as well as the aromas contained within. One interesting benefit of this method is that no heat is employed; warmth can sometimes break down the molecular compounds that make aromatherapy so very effective. 

How to Operate a Diffuser 

In most cases, you will need to mix the essential oils with a certain amount of water. The exact proportion will depend upon the diffuser as well as the oil in question. This is normally stated in the instructions. However, there are other times when essential oils are mixed beforehand. They can then be placed directly into the diffuser. 

It is a good idea to place the unit in a location that is free from drafts and other sources of wind. These could otherwise serve to impact its overall efficiency. If it located near your bed, be sure that it will not be accidentally knocked over when you sleep.

Some of these units are quite delicate and they can be easily damaged. Finally, look into the type of available oils as well as their associated physical and mental benefits. You will be very surprised at the options currently available! 

Aromatherapy can achieve amazing results within a short period of time and the diffuser plays a very important role. Understanding how these tiny marvels function will provide you with the insight and clarity needed to make the most informed choices when the time is right.