If your tank runs out, you can always refill it. We have diffuser refills in a variety of alternatives so that our customers can find what they need. If you want that classic lavender aroma in your bedroom, then you can get the right refill. For that ocean breeze scent that makes your office a delight to work with, you can pick our ocean refill. Want to try out some red fruits? We have a diffuser refill with your name on it.

Fresh Scents

Our customers can expect refills with superior quality fragrances that last a significant while. The essential oils are highly concentrated to guarantee that scents linger in the air. With the quality performance that our refills provide, you get more from your diffuser because you don’t have to disburse the mist frequently. If the diffuser is used in a crowded room like an office, our fragrances oils promise lasting scents. The fragrances are made by blending natural ingredients to boost their potency. One refill can serve you for three months or more depending on your usage. 


Diffuser refills are available in 200ml glass bottles that are designed to retain the scents for an extended period. Our refills contribute to environmental conservation because you can repurpose the containers when they are empty. We package the glass diffuser refills in cartons to ensure that our customers receive their orders in good condition.

From floral to spicy to sweet, you can find your preferred diffuser refill oil from our large collection. Keep your place smelling fresh with a quality refill.