What it really make different our Boles d´olor black edition Room Sprays?

1. Ultra efficient diffusion, acording to your needs. You only need to use at your demand, and 2-3 spray times are enough to get a nice fragrance time in the demanded space.

2. Instant perception of the fragrances. Boles d´olor reaches inmediately to your nose perception with this Room Sprays,

3. High durability, as each 100 ml bottle contains at least 500 spray times, which ensure a good average time per bottle.

Available fragrances Chart:

Red Fruits, Angels Charm, Cotton, White Flowers, Limoncello, Kukette, Oud, Grapes&Oranges, Forest, Vanilla Flower, Iceberg, Iris, poinsettia, Red Grapes, White Jasmin

Urban Jungle, Violetta, Soleil Provence, White Musk and Winter Fruits.....

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